Nirvana - Nevermind (LP)

We just saw an awesome record on eBay. Scorpix, the other half of Dirty Jos, is a huge fan of the grungeband Nirvana, and well, he bought it directly from a guy from Germany. It's a nice yellow vinyl record, and well, we think 27 euros isn't that much for such a great album. Well, and now the collection of The DJ SS is again a record bigger.

This weekend I'm going to an informative day at Leuven, about the university (for next year), and then I'm going to buy Shameboy - Re-Choque, an incredible number from Bobby Ewing (Discobar Galaxie), beautifull baseline. And I'm hoping to buy Dirty Minds - Life Of Brian on eBay to.

See you next time.

Listening To : If You're Going To San Francisco