Here we go!

we are "The Dirty Jos Soundsystem". We live in Belgium and we're about to start our dj-ing carreer. Everytime something fun happens to us, I'll try to post it here.
Thuesday we went record-shopping in Antwerp. We found some nice stores there. One store called "Record Collector" had an immense, I really mean huge, ammount of "classics" in store. Scorpix, the other DJ from "The Dirty Jos Soundsystem", bought 2 records there. One record was made by The Doors, an album with the song The End, the other record was by Led Zeppelin, also an album with the song Stairway To Heaven. As you already can see, Scorpix is really into the oldie rocksongs, but there's nothing wrong with that.
In the same street there was a shop named "Flatkat Records", where we bought the amazing Elephant-album from The White Stripes.
Earlier that day we saw Push The Button, the newest album from The Chemical Brothers in a store. I told Scorpix to wait and see for a cheaper version, because I tought 25 euros was a little bit over the top. We went to a great store named "Wally's Groove World", a small and cosy store, where the records were a bit cheaper. Eventually we bought Push The Button there for 20 euros.
But then today, we went to Leuven, and went into a store called JJ Records, where Push The Button only costed 18 euros, so we already know we have to go to that store the next time, because everything was around 2 euros cheaper. Scorpix found a single he knew there, by Magnus. Also the remixes from Rocket Ride (Felix The Housecat), but they sucked. We decided to buy Magnus then.
The rest of this day will be told, but not today :). Come back tomorrow or some other time to see how "The Dirty Jos Soundsystem" evolves from a dream by two teenagers to a world-famous phenomenon!

"In case I don't see you anymore: a goodevening, goodnight and a goodmorning!" - Me